Sarah Irish
For many students, balancing school with extracurricular activities is a challenge, but senior Sarah Irish (she/her) makes it look easy. Returning to The Scituation this year as the Sports Editor, Sarah is more than qualified for this position. As a three-season varsity athlete playing field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse, as well as a diligent student with an interest in writing and journalism, this title is made for her. 

Sarah stands out as an impressive athlete on the lacrosse field, receiving the All Star Award and Golden Stick Award for most goals scored on the lacrosse team. As a competitive player, Sarah often travels for games outside of the local area. Her lacrosse career will not be ending when she graduates high school--Irish will be attending Siena College next fall, where she will join Siena’s Division I women’s lacrosse team. 

Besides athletics, Sarah has always enjoyed English and writing, particularly looking forward to using her role in The Scituation as a chance to enhance her writing skills while focusing on specific topics. As Sports Editor, she will have a higher role in the publication, allowing her to showcase her journalistic talent. She is also looking forward to this school year as a chance to pursue her interest in psychology. 

Apart from her achievements, Sarah is known as a caring and confident member of the Scituate community whose free-spirited demeanor and willingness to always lend a hand are greatly appreciated. This will be her third year as a journalism student, and Sarah will no doubt exceed The Scituation'sexpectations as Sports Editor.

Sarah Irish, Sports Editor

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Sarah Irish