Class of 2021 Prepares for this Year’s Prom

Sarah Irish and Mia Peterson

As the end of the school year is approaching, May 8th is a date that sticks out to the junior class for a very important reason: prom. Although it is still weeks away, juniors are feeling the pre-prom stress, as this date always seems to come sooner than expected. This means both girls and boys are finding their dates, picking out dresses and tuxes, booking their hair and makeup appointments, and making plans for pre and post parties. As all of the factors are adding up, a full class meeting was held to inform students about the technicalities and expectations of the night.

This year, the Class of 2021 is putting on a “Starry Night” theme at the Quincy Marriott Hotel from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. On Monday, March 9th, history teacher and junior class advisor Michael Mattisoff joined the junior class student government in the Performing Arts Center as they gathered the entire grade together. Their purpose was to report out on all of the specifics. This included information about the forms for going to prom, bringing dates from other schools and grades, buying tickets, and eligibility requirements. 

In order to be eligible to attend the prom, juniors must have thirty hours of community service completed. The forms must be turned in by Friday, April 3rd. New this year, all prom payments will be completed on the school’s website. Tickets cost $110 per student; however, you can’t purchase your ticket(s) unless your emergency contact form is completed. Included in the cost of your prom ticket are the venue, dinner, DJ, and transportation fees.

On the day of prom, coach buses with be used to shuttle students to and from the Quincy Marriott. The buses will depart from the high school campus at the conclusion of the public “Promenade,” which is held in the open space between the high school and middle school buildings. All prom attendees will have to arrive at SHS by 5:45 p.m. in order to participate in the promenade. Unless you have a pre-approval from the school administration stating why you will not be participating in the pre-prom event, this is a requirement for everyone attending the prom. 

Another stress among the junior class is the choice of tables. This year’s tables will seat up to 10 people. Students have the opportunity to sign up for tables, and they will be able to sit with their desired group of friends. 

Early dismissal on the day of prom is always a huge concern. On Tuesday, April 7th, there will be a pre-prom event sponsored by FACTS in the Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. This event, which features speakers from the police department, is for juniors and their parents or guardians to inform them about safety on prom night. Students who attend are automatically entered into a raffle, and they have the chance to win prizes, such as four prom tickets, spray tans, a haircut, tuxedo rental, corsages, etc. If 100 or more students attend the event, the pre-prom dismissal time that is currently at 1:11 p.m. could be changed to 11:32 a.m. Show up to allow more time for preparation. Don’t miss out!

As May 8th approaches, junior girls are claiming their dresses. Follow @shs2020prom to submit your dress for this year, and here’s to another year of pre-prom anticipation!