Scituate Monthly: Helpful or Harmful?

Hannah Sylvester, Staff Writer

January 23, 2020

SH parent William Blake moved to Scituate when his children were young. As a new community member, he found it difficult to learn what activities were happening in town -- activities for the kids, festivals, new restaurants, etc...

2020 Oscar Nominations Showcase A Voting Body Out of Touch with Popular Culture

Colleen Secaur, Staff Editor

January 16, 2020

For the past decade, award seasons have marked the annual election of movies deemed the year’s most crucial contributions to film; although largely deserving of these accolades, many share a common characteristic: an entirely whi...

Senior Lot Parking Blues

Senior Lot Parking Blues

December 9, 2019

New Midterms & Finals Policy Won’t Prepare Students for College

Jack Nelson, Staff Writer

December 4, 2019

In early October of this year, Scituate High School Principal Robert Wargo announced a change to the school’s policy regarding midterm and final exams. Starting this year, grades for midterm exams will be included in calculating...

The Paradox of Longer Problem Solving 

Jack Nelson, Staff Writer

November 11, 2019

The high school mathematics core curriculum has been marred in the same cycle for decades; introduction to the new material, extensive techniques to solve new problems, quicker ways to solve those problems, and assessment of tha...

Apple’s New iPhone 11 Pro Establishes a Competitive Edge

Kyle Halevi, Design Manager

November 10, 2019

The most important camera is the one that’s always with you. Ever since iPhone launched in 2007, more and more people have been using it as their only camera. In 2010, Apple increased the resolution of the camera to five megapixel...