2017-2018 Staff

Lauren Montgomery

Staff Writer and Photographer

When viewing the Scituate varsity volleyball game, you can catch Lauren Montgomery leading the team playing her “favorite sport in the whole world” and this year she will be leading the journalism team to success as well....

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Max Bates

Staff Writer

Max Bates is part of the class of 2018 and could not be more excited for what's ahead. Max is part of the Scituation and has always been fine with trying out new things. One of his main interests is soccer, actually, that's an...

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Molly Bonner

Staff Writer

Among other things, Molly Bonner is an avid writer, workaholic, movie-watcher, and senior here at Scituate High School. Molly was a member of the Scituation team last year and hopes to bring her experience and passion for writing...

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Ryan Frankel

Staff Writer

Get to know Ryan Frankel, one of the newest additions to the Scituation team. Ryan recently moved to Scituate from Wilton, Connecticut. Though he has only been in Scituate a short time, Ryan has already been outspoken about his...

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Skylar Rojik

Staff Writer

Skylar Rojik is a senior now, but being a leader is nothing new. She’s a soccer team captain, the longest tenured player on the girl’s varsity basketball team, and is going on her second year as a journalist for The Scituation. Sh...

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Abbey Johnston

Staff Writer

A current Scituate High School senior, Abbey Johnston is excited to venture into her first official year working on The Scituation, with the support of her prior experience in Intro to Journalism during her sophomore year at ...

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Hanna Lydon

Staff Writer

SHS senior Hanna Lydon, a first-year staff writer, brings her adventurous lifestyle and lively rhetoric to The Scituation. Fulfilling her passion for current events and spot news, journalism provides the perfect fix for her investi...

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Andrew Connelly

"Jake & Andy Show" Producer and Co-Host

You may recognize Andrew’s friendly face from last year’s Scituation runaway hit, “The Ben and Andy Show,” or as Mrs. Hall’s de facto son and favorite redhead. Despite the fact that he has now been asked for his autogr...

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Emily Blanchard

Editor in Chief

Emily Blanchard brings her enthusiastic spirit into her senior year as Editor in Chief at the Scituation. Continuing on in her pursuit of journalism, Emily brings her love for politics and past experience to the Scituation this...

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Alexa Evensen

Staff Writer

An exciting new addition to The Scituation Team this year is senior Alexa Evensen. She decided to join the team this year because the art of journalism seems interesting to her and she also wants to “challenge herself.” She is...

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Cam Stone

Video Manager

Cam Stone, an optimistic junior at Scituate High School, is excited to be joining the Scituation staff. Cam Stone is making his debut as the newest member to the Scituation’s video managers. By day he’s just a normal teen...

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Hannah Bates

Staff Writer

In her first year of the Scituation, Junior, Hannah Bates is ready for any adventure that may come her way. Throughout her career at Scituate High School, English has always been Hannah’s favorite subject. Hannah has enjoyed...

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Brigid Murray

Staff Writer

A two-sport athlete and aspiring nurse, junior Brigid Murray is one of the newest members of the Scituation’s staff for 2017-18. Murray is truly a dynamo, working jobs at both Atlantic’s Bagels in Cohasset  and Morning Glories...

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Anna O'Connell

Staff Writer

Senior Anna O’Connell is a senior at Scituate High School and will be graduating in June of 2018. Anna is an avid fan of politics, and over the summer, she had an internship with Representative Jim Cantwell. She spent all of...

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Corrie McCroskey

Staff Writer

World traveler, strong equestrian rider, and lover of World War 2 history; Senior Corrie McCroskey is one of the newest, and most interesting members of the Scituation staff. This past year, Corrie moved to Scituate from her home...

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Teddy Goode

Staff Writer

Being a manager at Shaw’s, Teddy is ready to prove his talent and commitment stretch beyond the supermarket. Teddy began his writing career for the newspaper during his sophomore year. His first major story was about vaping, and...

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Jessica Presutti

Staff Writer

Junior Jessica Presutti is eager to put her pen to paper as she joins The Scituation as a writer for her first year. When she doesn't have a pen in her hand, you’ll probably see her with a basketball. You can catch her draining...

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Jake Bridgeman

Staff Writer

Senior Jake Bridgeman is excited to continue his baseball and football career this year, and he is very excited to begin his journalism career. He will be joining the Scituation's video team as co-anchor on the "Jake and Andy...

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Jack Bernier

Staff Writer

Although fairly new to the newspaper process, Jack Bernier already has high hopes for the Scituation. Bernier is strolling into his senior year and eager to make his mark on SHS. His versatility as a writer and as a person will...

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Hannah Morel

Staff Writer

The Scituation is expecting big things from junior Hannah Morel. This will be her first year in the Honors Journalistic Writing class, after spending her sophomore year in the intro course. A truly well rounded student-athlete,...

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Colleen Quinn

Staff Writer

Colleen Quinn is embarking on her first year as a staff writer for the Scituation and is excited to take on her third year at Scituate High School. She is a part of many different clubs and sports such as field hockey, Winter...

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Liv Coleman

Social Media Chief

Liv Coleman is entering her senior year, returning to the journalism team as Social Media Chief. Liv brings tons of new ideas to the team and has great spirit. Her fun-loving nature brings a lot of energy to The Scituation. Outside...

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Caroline Quinn

Editor in Chief

As Caroline Quinn enters her senior year at Scituate High School, she’s thrilled to be taking on the role of Co-Editor in Chief for The Scituation. She is also one of four captains of Scituate's Varsity field hockey team. In her...

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Christian Eckelhofer

Staff Writer

Christian Eckelhofer is a Senior at Scituate High School and a rookie to the Scituation Staff. This young man, who is not yet suffering from senioritis, is currently trying to pursue his dream to become an oncologist. Christian’s...

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Katie Heneghan

Business Manager

Meet senior Katie Heneghan, returning for her second year as an Honors Journalism member, she is a part of the business and fundraising team. Katie is interested in writing stories about the new middle school and how the teachers...

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James MacDonald

Staff Writer

James "Jimmy Mac" MacDonald is a senior at Scituate High School,  a new Scituation member and is ready to write articles for the school magazine.  He is the first of his family to join the Scituation team.  In his free time...

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Matt DiPesa

Editor in Chief

Matt Dipesa, a member of the class of 2018 is returning for his second year as part of The Scituation team. Formerly he was the paper's news editor and now he is one of the three editors in chief for the school’s paper. Matt...

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Charlie McDonald

Editor in Chief

Charlie McDonald is the perfect combination of familiar and unique. Despite the fact that McDonald’s infamous (and utterly contagious) laugh can be recognized echoing from halls away, the faces of his peers at the Scituation...

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Julia Gates

Staff Writer

Julia Gates is one of the newest additions to the Honors Journalistic Writing Class of 2017-2018. In her role as a staff writer, she is excited to continue fostering her love for writing by interviewing, drafting, and revising...

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Kat English

Staff Writer

Junior Kat English is excited and ready for her future as a new member of the Scituation. Interestingly enough, her favorite subject in school is English. Kat aspires to be a teacher someday, a profession which has become "The...

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