Summer in Scituate Feels Different This Year

Sarah Irish and Mia Peterson

Scituate is known as a second home to many summer residents. For the people who live here year-round, summer is also considered the best time of year. (Summers in Scituate make the harsh winters bearable.) People from other towns come to Scituate to use the beaches, eat at the restaurants, and shop in the Harbor. Some would even consider Scituate a summer town.

 This pandemic hasn’t seemed to stop many people from enjoying Scituate. With the warmer weather, people have been filling the parking lots of the Lighthouse and Peggotty Beach, and the roads and sidewalks are busy with walkers, runners, and bikers. On very warm days, the whole town is packed with people walking around the beautiful scenic routes. Having been trapped in their homes for weeks, people are getting antsy. Many are itching to get out and take advantage of the nice weather. 

However, is this a good idea? With the warm weather inviting more people outside, increased social interactions will happen. More people will leave their houses, especially after having endured limited communication during recent weeks. Friends and families will reunite, but will this activity spread the virus? 

As no one knows the answers to any questions being asked right now, and it is difficult to control the town and newcomers who are looking to spend their summer here. Even with masks, people may not feel like the pandemic is still as bad as the news says it is–especially after having been stuck in our homes for months. As people adapt to the “new normal,” it is important that the seriousness of this matter is not taken lightly. 

With the town and state not having been fully reopened up yet, caution is still important. We are very lucky to be living in Scituate during this pandemic, and as summer approaches, we will continue to wait and see how it all plays out.