COVID Restrictions Causing Mixed Emotions for the 2021 Senior Class 

Sarah Irish, Sports Editor

As this year has been very different than others, our everyday lives–including school–have changed. For college students, many restrictions have been set up that change a lot of their social life and overall experience. For high school students, specifically seniors, a lot of events have been taken away, making this year a lot less exciting for the graduating class. 

All of this year’s unknowns have compounded the stress seniors experience while applying to colleges and trying to tour campuses. These students have not had the full opportunity to see where they may end up in the next four years. As the rules at colleges are also constantly changing, it’s hard to know if these seniors will even be able to attend college next fall. 

For many seniors, even though the school year looks a lot different than years past, this is making them more excited for college next year. The rules at the high school and in a smaller town are more restricting and intense than living on your own at college. Being able to see friends and go to social events seems more doable at college than at home. 

Many seniors are concerned about not having the full college experience–not being able to make new friends, join a sorority or fraternity, go to sporting events, or show school pride. Senior Ella Lewis said, “I am nervous about how I will make friends and build connections with my professors. Club life is a huge part of what I want in college, and that might not happen.” These experiences make college more fun and unique, and it will not be the same if next year’s freshman class is unable to participate in these activities. 

While this year’s SHS seniors are not having the year they hoped for, many are very grateful not to be college freshman, as many college students were unable to attend school where they could make new friends and participate in school events.

Nevertheless, SHS seniors think the school or the class could do more to make the most of this year. Senior Stephanie Livingstone said, “I think that we could be doing a lot more to make this year more fun and involved for seniors–I wish the school would consider putting all of the seniors in the same cohort or switching them around so we can get to interact with all of our classmates our last year.” There is a lot more the class could do to unify as a whole before everyone departs in the spring. 

The loss of senior privileges like the high tops and the seniors’ cafe is also something this class is lacking. As these are very little things, it is something that every senior class usually has, which installs a bond and makes them feel special in the school. Current seniors are left without this feeling–as well as not having a prom or possibly a graduation ceremony. As this year is not normal and will never be, there are plenty of chances to try to make the most out of it by creating new events and activities that are safe. 

With the constant unknown of the pandemic and the chance of nothing going back to normal, the Class of 2021 is lost and in fear of what will happen next. The desire for college next year is very strong and seniors are eager to go. They now have to figure out how they are going to navigate their future while also living life as a teenager.