SHS Hockey Programs Looking to Work Together


Sarah Irish, Staff Writer

The boy’s and girl’s hockey programs at Scituate High School may be similar, but there is a strong divide between the two. There are different booster parents for each team and they have different schedules; therefore, the hockey community can not come together. 

For years, the boy’s team has been known for doing very well in their league, making it to playoffs for the past several years. The girls, on the other hand, have had a very different experience. 

Last year, for the first time in five years, the Scituate High School Varsity Girls Hockey team made it to the tournament. This victory was a reflection of their close-knit team, having bonded for the longest season of the year, then pulling it together to come out stronger than ever. 

Not too many years before, the boys achieved a similar standing. However, the team was so incredible at the time, they even made it in the TD Garden for the State’s final game. Sadly, they lost, but their team’s determination and sense of togetherness brought them to an even bigger success. The winter season is so long, but being a part of a sport where everyone is with the people they love playing a sport helps both the program and the players.

The boys and girls hockey teams have always been known for being the closest teams at the high school. The boy’s teammates are all connected and close in their own way, and the same with the girls. Yet, there hasn’t ever been a crossover between the two. However, this year, players are looking to change that, as players on both teams have come and gone and personalities have changed, yet the culture has stayed the same.

The captains of both teams are hoping to put down the divide and have more fun with this long and cold season. Senior captain of the girl’s varsity hockey team, Caroline Stevenson, wants to bring everyone together and make a change in the season. She remarked, “I hope in the future there is more unity because I feel that will create a better overall environment for both teams and encourage each other to do better.”  Stevenson would love to do more with the programs as a whole to make Scituate’s hockey program stronger and more inclusive in our town. 

Senior captain of the boy’s varsity hockey team, Jack Thompson, agrees. He would love to create a bigger and better change in the two programs working together. “It could be great for both programs to both get to know each other better and team up for a community and team fundraiser,” he said. Bringing together both teams could also have a strong chance of bringing in more money for both boosters to benefit this year’s hockey teams as a whole.

Both teams are looking to broaden their boundaries and come together as one. As the season starts in a month, and tryouts are quickly approaching, the captains are going in with positive attitudes toward this year’s teams and hoping to bring their teams together on the ice.