Testing Out Simple Life Skills

Sarah Irish, Sports Editor

Throughout the years, being the youngest has been a joy: Growing up, I enjoyed being under the radar of my parents, less pressure to choose right from wrong and following in my siblings’ footsteps. Once my siblings were all off to college and I became an “only child,” there was a bit of a switch. All the attention turned onto me as I was front and center in my parents’ lives. 

Unfortunately, I also realize being the youngest sibling robbed me of the opportunity to learn simple life skills. In fact, some people in my family (aka my sister) suggested that I’m pathetically helpless. From my perspective, I’m just waiting for the right moment–college. As I’m realizing my time at home is coming to an end, and I will be off to college in August, I truly need to learn how to live on my own. You see, simple skills like doing laundry and making dinner may not be difficult; however, I just would consider myself “work-shy” to the whole idea of it. 

So, while my sister was home for her break she challenged me to complete the tasks I seem to be incapable of doing. Personally, I would just prefer to make mac and cheese right out of the box, but I know that’s not going to get me very far. So I’ve started to look up recipes and try to switch things up. Unfortunately, I still don’t find cooking to be very enjoyable. 

Next, we moved onto the next activity–laundry. I hate the thought of laundry. I do not know what any of the buttons mean–it’s like an airplane control system to me. I get the whole concept of putting the dirty clothes in the washer and pouring the detergent all over it. But something about switching over wet clothes is not for me. Now, I may sound ridiculous, but I would rather clean a bathroom or vacuum the whole house than do laundry. So that didn’t go very far either. 

Luckily, I do still have time to learn these skills. But no one really prepares for what the future is like. I am grateful to have my siblings lead the way. But they can only do so much. Living and learning seem to be the only way. And I guess with time I will get there. Let’s just hope I don’t flood the laundry room my first week at school. One can only hope…