Senior Night to Senior Morning

Deep-rooted tradition has allowed Senior Night to be under the lights on their home turf. This year, with a newly installed turf, traditions are changing. The Scituate High School Football Team is rolling with the punches, as their Senior Night has unexpectedly changed to an unconventional “Senior Morning.” Unlike any other year, the ceremony for senior football players will be held on Thanksgiving morning at 10 am.

This new change has been the talk of Scituate High School and the town as a whole this year. With this change, of course, many were opposed to the switch. Yet, Peter Umbrianna, Athletic Director of Scituate High School, believes the change of dates is going to be the best for both the team and the fans. The idea came through the SHS Football and Cheerleading Boosters program, specifically parent Robyn Sullivan, who first informed the team of the idea. Umbrianna elaborated on this development, and how although it was a great situation, it was not an easy decision: “It is one of those things with the field situation and not having as many home games, football and cheer are already in a tougher spot because there are only seven games… really slim pickings right off the bat.” Umbrianna had to make a difficult choice that not may have wanted to hear, but it was the best interest of the whole program.

Senior Night was initially scheduled for Friday, October 11th. Yet, with numerous conflicts, such as bad weather and inconvenient times for parents, a change was anticipated to ensure a proper, honorable ceremony for the seniors. Yet, these feelings of pessimism and despair were short-lived. Upon hearing about the possibility of being honored on the new turf, members of the football team jumped at the opportunity.

Senior captain Aidan Reidy is very excited about this change and hopes of the whole town will be there to show their support. Senior captain Nate Gould fell in love with the idea of a home game to honor the seniors. Gould said he’d rather “take the risk” of the turf being finished in time for Thanksgiving than having Senior Night on another field. According to Gould, “The fans and family that can come is obviously a bonus and also the environment.” The captains and team are especially excited that senior celebrations will also be their first home game of the year.

Senior cheer captain Maria Collari, along with the rest of the cheerleading team, was first opposed to the news, as they had hoped to have a regular Senior Night. “At first, we were mad because we wanted a night game, and Thanksgiving’s weather is always cold. We are somewhat grateful because there is a chance we will have our new uniforms by then,” she explained. Collari said the whole team is looking forward to representing on their home turf as well.

The annual Thanksgiving Day football game is going to bring in an even bigger crowd this year–especially with it being Senior Morning. Families and relatives home for the holidays, along with alumni coming home from college, the event will grow the stands and continue the town of Scituate’s tradition. As seniors, Reidy and Gould stated, “Go, Sailors!”