Alicia Keys United Music Fans During This Year’s Grammy Awards

Mia Peterson and Sarah Irish

January 26, 2020, marked the 62nd annual Grammy award show hosted by 15th-time grammy award winner, Alicia Keys. Following last year’s event when she was the first female host in 14 years since Queen Latifah, Keys made her second debut, stunning the crowd for two years in a row. 

Keys started the show in honor of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the other passengers on board during a helicopter crash earlier that day. Everyone who was in deep sorrow bonded together by her heartwarming piano rendition of “Someone You Loved,” by Louis Capaldi. In this song, she pays tribute to different artists for their work, as she sings the chorus, “At the Grammys, we’re gonna have a ball, and I’m Alicia Keys to get you through it all, if you like country or you prefer Young Thug, Ima get you kind of used to hearing music you love.” She tries to shed light on the unfortunate event prior to this night, by uniting the crowd and all of the music industry with love. As one of her last lines sings, “It’s when good people do nothing that the bad guys win.” Not only is she bringing people in music together but all of the world and showing that through times of hardship the good doesn’t go unnoticed.  Keys touches on diversity and inclusivity in hopes of uniting the crowd and sending a positive message.

Following her opening performance, Keys continued to bring happiness and light throughout the show, transitioning between awards and performances. Keys played a big role in bringing out the energy of the crowd and fellow artists. She brought this influence into her own performance of the night when she debuted her new song, “Underdog,” which will be on her new album “Alicia,” releasing on March 20th. The song describes all of the hardworking people in this world who go unnoticed. She is describing women and doctors and teachers and people who deserve more appreciation. This new album is following her most recent album in 2016, “Here.” Keys will be touring starting in June, spreading her new music and love nationwide in hopes of inspiring the people around her.