Caroline Stevenson
Senior Caroline Stevenson is excited to complete her Scituate High School career as an editor for The Scituation.

Known as an extremely outgoing and involved student at SHS, Caroline enjoys representing the student perspective as one of the prominent voices at school committee meetings. Most recently, she advocated on behalf of her peers to keep the school’s late-start Wednesday schedule.

Caroline has a passion for history and English; however, her favorite class is Honors Journalistic Writing. She aspires to apply the skills she's learning to a career in journalism. With high hopes of attending a major university with a respected communications and broadcast media program, she dreams of becoming an on-air news reporter while also working on social media.

After school, Caroline can be found playing hockey on the field and on the ice: She is a member of both the field hockey and ice hockey varsity teams. Caroline serves as Model UN’s secretary, and she is involved in several other extracurriculars.

In her free time, Caroline enjoys hanging out with her friends.  As an experienced camp counselor, she has spent a lot of time with the children.

At The Scituation, Caroline looks forward to writing stories that will help get the Scituate student body more intrigued and eager to read. Her collaborative nature and her enthusiastic approach to writing will undoubtedly be appreciated as she continues her tenure at The Scituation.

Caroline Stevenson, Managing Editor

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Caroline Stevenson