Scituate MUN Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

With the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break, many Scituate High School students have many things to anticipate: Thanksgiving, gathering with family, eating some delicious food, the football games, or solely the break itself. Yet, for the 30 students selected to attend the Model UN conference at New York University in New York City, they had their own adventures to look forward to, including ourselves, Caroline Stevenson and Colleen Secaur.

One of the main distinctions of Scituate Model UN program is the emphasis on a balance between the conference and sightseeing. And, going to New York City, there were, of course, plenty of sights to see.

After a day of traveling from South Station to Penn Station, we quickly dropped our bags at the hotel and went straight to the UN headquarters, even getting a guided tour of the facility. Straight from there, we walked into Grand Central Station, taking in the scene, from the picturesque view to the people rushing by, hoping to catch their train.

After that, it was off to our last sight of the day and truly one of the most memorable–the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. It was crucial that we were given time to mill around the museum and take in such a traumatic yet defining part of American history. From there, we went to one of our MUN traditions, our 1st-night group dinner, where we ate quickly and went back to the hotel, where we promptly crashed, anticipating our adventures the next day.

After the first, sightseeing-focused day, there were surely many more city adventures in tandem with committee sessions interspersed throughout the day. Some of these sights included the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, Chelsea Market, Central Park, the Plaza Hotel, and many more along the way. Yet, come afternoon, we all transitioned to our main focus for the trip–the Model UN conference at NYU. EmpireMUNC IV offered a true diplomatic experience, with delegations from everywhere–California to Mexico to Chicago.