Lily Grazioso
Scituate High School is filled with so many amazing students who are bound to be successful. One of these students is junior Lily Grazioso. Described as both passionate and easy-going, Lily is confident in herself, especially as she dedicates her free time to organizations and important causes at SHS.

As the historian and dramaturge of the SHS Drama Club, Lily enjoys participating in the performing arts. Currently, she is a member of the National Thespian Honor Society and the acting secretary of the SHS Film Club. This past summer, Lily took an intensive acting class at Yale University in New Haven, CT. 

At SHS, history is one of Lily's favorite subjects, and she is an active member of Amnesty International. She was part of National Student Leadership and hopes to continue applying her leadership skills with her future endeavors.

After graduation, Lily plans to attend college, where she will study theater and history. Beyond college, she would like to work in the theater industry, but she doesn’t necessarily want to be an actress. 

Lily Grazioso, Staff Writer

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Lily Grazioso