A Common Major Among SHS Seniors


Lily Grazioso, Video Team

As the spring semester continues, seniors at SHS have started committing to colleges. Whether they’ve chosen a major or are still undecided, their choices may reflect which classes at SHS have inspired them the most.

I surveyed 25 seniors at SHS, and 24 of them applied to their colleges with a specific major. Out of those 24, the most common major was in the biological sciences field with five students applying; three were applying pre-med. 

While 25 out of 248 is a small number, the diverse selection of people who took my survey reflects that this is a moderately accurate depiction of the senior class. 

I went to AP Biology and Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Jennifer Last, to get her opinion. She mentioned how great it is to live in Massachusetts with as many top schools, biotech, hospitals, and research centers as we have.

She also mentioned the diverse array of jobs a major in biology could get you, stating, “This major allows for students to not focus on one topic in science but a general understanding so when they decide their career path they can focus on that field in graduate school.” 

The graduate degree was another big aspect, as Last mentioned, “higher-paying jobs and many specialized careers that require advanced degrees in the subfield of biology.” 

So it seems like the biology field has a great number of subcategories that all leave students well off in salary. 

While this most likely isn’t the reason for choosing a biology major, the expansive world of science and the different ways students are able to explore it after getting their Bachelor’s degree are enough for most students interested in science to want in.