Lily Grazioso
Senior Lily Grazioso is a veteran of The Scituation news staff, and her outgoing, passionate, and artistic personality makes her a perfect fit for the video team. Lily co-hosts the popular news show, “The Lily and Frankie Show,” where she strives to create an informative and fun news program that grabs the attention of the Scituate community.  

Lily is no stranger to local audiences, as she has been a member of the SHS Drama Club since her freshman year. Her contributions to the theatre program have earned her a spot in the National Thespian Honors Society as well as multiple METG awards for acting and stage management. These accomplishments were recently recognized by her peers, as she was elected the 2020-21 president of the SHS Drama Club. 

Excelling in front of the camera and on the stage, Lily is also a star in the classroom. She puts time and effort into every class but prefers her English and history courses the most.  Her commitment to academics has earned her a spot in the National Honor Society. Even though this is her senior year, Lily wants to stay motivated and not fall into the trap known as “senioritis.”  

In addition to all her other responsibilities, Lily participates in extracurricular activities such as Amnesty International; furthermore, she enjoys her part-time job as a barista.  In the future, Lily hopes her versatile nature will help her achieve her dream of studying performing arts in the city. Other than attending college, Lily also wants to travel the world to experience different cultures and meet new people. 


Lily Grazioso, Video Team

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Lily Grazioso