Aidan Morley
As an aspiring journalist, senior Aidan Morley is delighted to be writing for The Scituation. His academic success in both Introduction to Journalism and AP Language and Composition prompted him to join the newspaper's team of writers.

Described by his classmates as professional, mature, intelligent, and clever, Aidan works hard in his classes. Currently taking three AP classes in Statistics, French, and Psychology, Aidan has a lot on his plate, but he is up for the challenge.

Beyond his classwork, Aidan is also the class treasurer for the senior class. He noted, “Being the treasurer entails a lot of hard work and confidentiality. Creative thinking is very important in being a successful treasurer.”

In addition, Aidan is one of the team captains for the varsity golf team. “Being a captain takes more effort than you think. I represent not only myself, but I also vouch for everyone else in the golf program," he said. Aidan and his fellow captains hope to model a strong leadership role this year.

After high school, Aidan plans to attend college somewhere in the South.

Aidan Morley, Staff Writer

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Aidan Morley