Cleaning Up the Environment While Clearing Out Old Devices

Aidan Morley, Staff Writer

The SHS Environmental Science class recently embarked on a new project: collecting “E-Waste” for charitable and educational organizations. E-Waste is the name given to electronic devices that have either stopped or are nearing the end of their ability to function. This can be almost anything–from calculators and TV remotes to computers and phones.

During the last few years, China discontinued buying E-Waste from the U.S.; consequently, most devices were sent to U.S. landfills. (Over 44.7 metric tons of E-Waste is currently produced a year.) The effects include ground and soil being polluted with toxins that get released. 

The Environmental Science class has partnered with the local Rotary Club to collect E-Waste across the Scituate community. At SHS, boxes were distributed to each homeroom so students could bring in their old devices. These boxes were collected and sent to a company called Green Planet that removes the circuit boards and in return gives money back to the high school. The benefits, which are usually one dollar per device, will be used to help fund the iExcel trip to Disney World, which happens every two years. 

Tech collection was led by SHS senior Mason Theriault, who thought the project was a great idea to help the environment. In addition, he remarked, “The real prize is doing something that will help send the iExcel kids to Disney.” SHS science teacher and project leader, Juvelyn Hartweg, added, “This is one chance to do something truly special.”

The “E-Waste” program offers a great opportunity to Scituate residents: Instead of letting unused devices clutter their homes, now they can get rid of their devices for free, help protect the environment, and support the iExcel program.