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Casey McKeever 
Class of 2024

Casey McKeever, Editor-In-Chief

Enthusiastic about her senior year, returning staff member Casey McKeever (she/her) is prepared to make her mark as an editor of The Scituation. McKeever hasn’t been quiet about her interest in journalism: she has been passionate about writing and reporting since her freshman year when she took Introduction to Journalism. McKeever patiently waited until her junior year when she was eligible to take Advanced Journalism, where she was finally able to share her talent with the readers. Wanting a more substantial and challenging role in journalism, McKeever is returning this year as editor-in-chief for The Scituation.

In addition to journalism, McKeever’s academic interests include English classes and anatomy, where she enjoys group-oriented activities and learning how to better the community. Working hard to excel in athletics, McKeever has played on both basketball and lacrosse varsity teams since she was a freshman. Seen as a kind, determined, and generous person, McKeever is the treasurer of the SHS student council and secretary of the National Honor Society. She has received multiple SAIL awards.

Following high school, McKeever plans to attend a college in the Boston area where she intends to major in nursing and minor in journalism, hoping to find a job at a hospital in the city. For now, McKeever looks forward to editing opinion-based or fact-based pieces and learning staff members' different writing styles.

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