Scituate Lighthouse Renovations–Restoring a Classic Symbol of the South Shore


The Scituate Lighthouse is a defining historical feature of Scituate’s coastal community. Showcasing the heart of the town, Scituate Harbor, the lighthouse is located at 100 Lighthouse Road. To natives, this spot is a staple to the meaning of “home,” and it’s a must-see stop for tourists. Visitors often see weddings and photoshoots during the summer season. A background in many senior photoshoots, the lighthouse is a classic symbol of the Town of Scituate as a whole.

Recent renovations to the lighthouse came as a shock to many townspeople who were alarmed to see the top of the lighthouse was missing!

On Thursday, October 6th, the Lantern Room of the Lighthouse was removed and placed on the ground next to the tower due to concerns about the stability of the structure. Scituate’s town administrator, Jim Boudreau, believes the rebuilding of the Lantern Room is vital. He stated, “If we had hurricane Ian here in Scituate, the Lantern Room of the Lighthouse would have blown off. The steel support beams that hold up the Lantern Room are rotting and not able to support the Lighthouse any longer.” 

The last significant renovations done to the Lighthouse, specifically the Lantern Room, occurred when it was installed in the 1930s. Over the past 92 years, the room has endured lots of damage, resulting in serious concerns. As a result, the Community Preservation Fund granted the town $2,000,000 for a complete rebuilding and reconstruction of the Lantern Room, as well as to repair issues to the Lighthouse tower. If there are no complications, the renovations are planned to be completed by early summer.