Grace McNamara is the 10th Member of the 1,000-Point Club at SHS

Senior class president Grace McNamara will play basketball at Ithaca College


The SHS Girls Basketball Team Celebrates McNamara’s 1,000 points!

Lindsey Hausmann and Casey McKeever

On Friday, January 27th, SHS senior Grace McNamara became the 10th member of the 1,000-point club at Scituate High School. Entering the game against Pembroke, McNamara was only 18 points away from reaching 1,000. Pressures were high as Scituate walked onto the court against their rival, whom they lost to earlier in the season by only two points. Even though tough competition stood in their way, the varsity team members knew McNamara would reach the milestone and earn her rightful place as the 5th female listed on the 1,000-point banner. 

McNamara’s love for basketball started when she was nine-years-old. According to McNamara, growing up and playing basketball with the boys in her neighborhood “sparked [her] passion for the sport.” Ever since she was a young girl, McNamara dreamed of becoming a member of the 1,000-point club and creating a legacy of her own at SHS. 

A role model for younger players, McNamara’s first inspiration came from her neighbors, Annabelle Lanard and Kelly Martin. Martin was a stand-out star at Scituate and across the South Shore. She graduated from SHS leaving a legacy of her own and becoming the 8th member of the 1,000-point club. During McNamara’s 4th and 5th grade summers, Martin trained McNamara on the SHS outdoor courts. This is when learned new ball-handling skills and the importance of driving to the hoop. 

McNamara said she was fortunate to have great coaches and teammates who helped her become the player she is today. She credits Coach Sachitella as the first coach who believed in her, saying, “He taught me the fundamentals of the game and to always play with heart and hustle.”

Along with Sachitella, McNamara’s AAU coaches Laurie Bollin, Tyreek Moseley, and Sam Doner have challenged her: McNamara commented, “They developed me into a more skilled and higher IQ player.” McNamara was always competing against older and taller players, many who are currently playing in the ACC and Big East conferences. McNamara feels this experience taught her a lot and made her a better player.

Another positive influence on McNamara’s journey was the boys’ varsity coach, Gates Middle School teacher Matthew Poirier. According to McNamara, he would spend early mornings, starting at 6:00 a.m., “running up and down the bleachers and firing up shots.” McNamara explained, “He taught me the significance of never giving up and that success isn’t easy to attain. Success requires hard work, discipline, and dedication.” 

McNamara feels the dedication and training leading up to her 1,000 points was “all worth it in the end.” McNamara described the moment as “thrilling, shocking and rewarding.” Admitting she was stressed leading up to the game, McNamara was hoping her dream would finally come true. Despite the pandemic and all the injuries that got in the way, McNamara stuck to her journey and “learned valuable life lessons along the way.”

McNamara, who is president of the senior class, plans to continue her athletic and academic career at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, where she plans to play Division III basketball and study business.