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Girls’ Locker Room Renovation Complete

Athletes enjoying a new, more organized space
SHS locker room renovations are complete, and student-athletes are enjoying their new facilities.

The girls’ locker room renovation has been a topic of conversation for the past couple of months, and students are thrilled to see the new facilities open. 

SHS physical education teacher Kathleen McCarthy explained the renovation was “part of the new improvement plan for school, and as soon as the funding was available, they started the project.”  She said the new updates make the area “much neater, with complete utilization of the space.”  With the addition of cubbies and benches, students’ athletic equipment, personal belongings, and sports bags have a designated space, reducing clutter in the locker room. 

Several students remarked that the renovation is especially exciting for athletes because it helps reduce unnecessary stress before games and practices.  Three-season athlete SHS junior Cecilia Griffin commented, “I’m excited to use it for the upcoming seasons.” According to Griffin, athletes can get overwhelmed when they are leaving school and rushing right to their events, and having a place to change and keep their belongings will help them feel prepared. Griffin said, “It’s going to make life for the athletes so much easier.” A current senior, Ava Valcourt, added, “It is so nice, and the showers are gorgeous, with nice tiles. It is no longer disgusting, and there is so much storage to keep your stuff.”

In addition, new locker room facilities may help improve attendance. In the past, student-athletes struggled to find a place for their bags and sports attire in the morning, contributing to stress and tardiness. This year, SHS principal Marc Loranger has stated attendance is a top priority for the high school. With new locker room facilities, student-athletes will have a better opportunity to arrive on time for their morning classes.   

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