SHS Surfers have a Local Resource at Nor’easter Surf Shop


Nor’easter Surf Shop in North Scituate is a full-service shop that stocks surfing essentials

In Scituate’s surfside community, the surfers stay under the radar and on top of the waves. The exhilarating and intense sport is highly active in the Scituate community. Though out of sight from many, the community is full of passionate surfers from ages five to seventy-five or older.

In North Scituate, the local Nor’easter Surf Shop is a popular spot for Scituate’s surfers. Store owner Mark Keup claims the store has “little competition.” While Levitate, in Marshfield, has excellent quality items, its high prices drive surfers to Keup’s shop. Keup takes pride in the low prices and wide range of clothes, shoes, and surfboards. Whether customers are looking for a surfboard or “small little wax,” the store has a reputation for quality pieces for lower prices. The shop thrives in the summer season; even with the absence of large storm waves, many are looking to hit the water to cool off or be active. 

Keup has been surfing from as young as he can remember and rightfully claimed, “The hardest part is just being fit and catching a wave.” Keup enjoys providing his customers with great surfing tips and advice. 

SHS junior Tessa Norton is an avid surfer who checks the swells (and her shark tracker) “whenever the waves look worth it.” Norton began surfing with her dad at age five and attended a popular surf camp on the South Shore, East Coast Hui. At camp, she fell “in love” with surfing and has since used it as an “outlet” for whenever she is stressed.” Norton shared some of the high costs she spends to fuel her passion. Given a Torq board at age six, Norton then bought an Element board for $300 at age 16. Not only are the boards pricey, but wetsuits can range from $250 to $400. Norton supports Nor’easter Surf Shop for all her surfing needs and highly recommends the shop to beginners. 

Surfing has proven itself a beloved sport for many in Scituate. While surfing can be hard to access–and expensive–many surfers look to websites like, or to find more affordable surfboards. Though challenging to get a hold of, the surfing experience is a must-try when it comes to in-town fun.