Utilizing Scituate Library’s Teen Room


Clare Kennedy

The Teen Room offers comfortable spots to study

The Scituate Public Library is a useful resource for students, families, or anyone looking for a relaxed atmosphere. The library was renovated in 2016 and is now full of comfy chairs, outlets, study spaces, and the newly updated Teen Room. Teen Services Coordinator, Kate Jasinski, who has been managing the space for five years, explained that the library staff strives to offer a pleasant meeting space for adolescents to gather, have free access to computers and printing, and receive Jasinski’s guidance through the extensive book collection. Jasinski began working with the space when it first opened, allowing her to design new programs and format the activities that the old teen space lacked.

The Teen Room offers a multitude of top-of-the-list reads. Outside of reading or studying, teens can also enjoy the publicly funded programs run by Jasinski. In October, she planned an array of events from hot chocolate making to her most famously hosted, “Dungeons and Dragons Showdown,” where passionate teens or “Dungeon masters” showed off their skills. The events welcome teens with any experience and include snacks! According to Jasinski, the attendance numbers are “full every time.”

This winter, a gaming company that offers automated fun, such as virtual reality and Xbox, will be added. Students can sign up through registration on the Scituate Town Library website and should sign up before it fills up!

The Teen Room is praised for its versatility: From studying to crafting, students enjoy the comfort and encouraging atmosphere. The room consists of a chair nook and collaborative tables. It is quiet when needed and full of resources–including books, printers, and colored pencils. Jasinski is always available to help students find a book for their independent reading or school projects. If you are looking for community service hours, she offers several positions to assistants and volunteers. Embrace the opportunities and resources at Scituate Public Library and check the website for events, books, and volunteer opportunities!