Rihanna Slays Super Bowl Sunday


Casey McKeever and Natalie Naylor

After five years without performing, Rihanna stunned the audience at the Super Bowl XLVII in Glendale, Arizona. Leading up to the performance, Rihanna left fans on their toes after announcing that a special guest would be showcased at the show. 

Weeks before the big day, fans and experts were trying to predict the songs she would sing. With only 13 minutes to perform, Rihanna and her set team had to showcase her top songs to impress the audience. Rihanna has 14 number-one hits and 31 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. This means she has spent a total of 360 weeks in the top 10. 

In past Super Bowl halftime shows, some artists have brought special guests. However, in 2017, Lady Gaga’s solo performance set a cultural reset for Halftime Show standards. Nonetheless, as 113.6 million viewers watched, many wondered if artists like Drake or Jay-Z would make an appearance. To everyone’s surprise, a tiny guest appeared–Rihanna’s baby bump was clearly evident beneath the beautiful André Leon Talley cloak as she emerged from the fog lights. After giving birth to her firstborn son last May, whose name remains unknown, her 2nd baby with famous rapper A$AP Rocky will likely be kept behind the curtains as well.

Other than her special guest, Rihanna fans wondered which iconic hit she would open with. “—— Better have my Money” took the lead, which set up a stellar opening followed by 12 record breakers to satisfy her audience.

Students at Scituate High School shared their opinions on Rihanna’s half-time performance. Junior Izzy Monteiro “loved the dancers” and thought the performance was “super fun.” Conversely, some fans were disappointed: “I wish she could have done more or brought out Jay- Z at least,” said sophomore Ben Hill. 

Rihanna’s performance undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the halftime hierarchy.