Friday Night Themes Strengthen the SHS Community


USA-themed football game fans show their American pride

Casey McKeever, Staff Writer

Friday Night Lights—the traditional time when students show their support for SHS football–has become a themed event. Decked out in the night’s theme, students can be seen in tutus, eye paint, glitter, and the desirable football shirt. Strengthening the community, these games bring both the students of SHS and Scituate families together. 

To prepare for the night’s festivities, many students go to costume stores to find items that embody the school spirit through the theme. The football team loves to see the support of the student body. Defensive coach Mark McKeever commented that students embracing the theme “shows school spirit, but also it shows without saying how much the kids will fight to win.” Junior quarterback Jackson Belsan added, “It gets my teammates and I very excited to play and encourages us throughout the game to do better for our fans.” 

The home opener on September 16th was USA theme, and the following home game on October 7th was a “pink out.” These themes are common within all sports teams, and some students at SHS are looking to spice up the themes. Junior Lilyana Sylvester said, “I would like to see the theme of costumes used at one of the football games.” Junior Alexis Reynolds stated, “I think it would be really fun to do a country theme–it is easy to get dressed up for and would be fun to see people dressed up.” Changing the traditional themes is intriguing to students at SHS. Social media has also influenced people to mix up the themes. On social media, students see other schools using unique themes to hype up the student body.

Hoping to change traditional football game themes, students at SHS are eager to learn what the upcoming theme will be for the homecoming game on Friday, October 28th.