Jada Thielen

Jada Thielen, Staff Writer

Junior Jada Thielen (she/her) is excited to put her independent journaling skills to use. She loves to keep track of her days, tasks, and thoughts by recording them in her own personal journal. (Clearly, she was born to be part of The Scituation!) As a staff writer, Jada’s mature, happy, and sociable self is planning on writing about mental health and spreading awareness on this topic throughout the community. 

Described as a well-rounded student, Jada has always been on the honor roll and intends to keep it this way. She is interested in writing, history, politics, current events and debate. During her freshman year, Jada attended Sacred Heart in Kingston, providing her with the opportunity to learn more about religion. With this unique experience, Jada can use her insight and different perspectives to connect with others. She is also a student-athlete who plays lacrosse. Devoted to lacrosse for eight years, Jada was named a Mayflower League All-Star. 

Jada’s hard work and dedication to all that she does will be a great addition to The Scituation. She wants to write and learn more about mental health, which shows her passion for understanding new topics. Her warm smile and welcoming attitude will allow people to open up to her during interviews and create a comfortable atmosphere for all.

Currently, Jada works in customer service, but after graduating from high school, her quick thinking and people skills will be useful, as she aspires to attend law school and become an attorney. 

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Jada Thielen