Jada Thielen

Jada Thielen, Opinion Editor / Staff Writer

As an opinion editor for The Scituation, senior Jada Thielen (she/her) is looking forward to writing unique stories and allowing the student body’s issues to be heard.

 Thielen took Honors Journalism because she thought it would be the perfect opportunity for her to speak her mind on a platform that the school not only provides but also encourages students to use.  Jada has always had a passion for writing and discussing her opinions with others and found joining The Scituation team to be a gratifying experience. She enjoys working with others and collaborating on stories, and she is so excited to start the year. 

Students at SHS describe Jada as optimistic, wise, and outgoing. These traits tend to show through her writing, making her stories more personalized to her.  Thielen aspires to continue to write news-breaking stories throughout the year and speak out against unjust events in our community.  Outside of school, Thielen babysits and volunteers for the Scituate Rotary Club.  She enjoys being involved in the community and helping out wherever she is needed. 

Beyond her journalistic endeavors, Thielen wants to improve her grades this year and find a college that fits her personality and talents. She plans to attend law school when she is older and hopes her passion for writing, journalism, and politics will help lead her there. Thielen is eager to spend her last year at SHS being a part of The Scituation staff and remains unafraid to let her voice be heard before moving on to future endeavors.

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Jada Thielen