And The Sailors Get the Win!

September 10th football games sets the tone for fall season


Welcome back to Friday Night Lights! Scituate students, faculty, and residents were thrilled to finally attend the successful start to an exciting football season. On Friday, September 10th, the Sailors played a great game against Milton, taking home the 34-20 win with extraordinary support from fans who were excited to support the football team (in person) again.

Steve and Jessica Maguire–Scituate High School teachers and town residents–made an appearance at the first game of the season with their family. Their four children, who attend Gates Intermediate and Jenkins Elementary School, were excited to see the football players and cheerleaders. They copied the chants and dances from the stands and loved running through the tunnel made by cheerleaders and the football team. While his children were awe-ing over the fans, players, and cheerleaders, weather enthusiast Steve Maguire appreciated the sunset and cloudless night. He stated that the weather was perfect for the game and created the ideal environment for everyone there. Stating his family “had a blast,” Maguire enjoyed spending time with friends and family while in a positively animated scene. 

The fan section on September 10th was definitely one to remember. “It was a phenomenal turnout. It’s been a long time since there was a turnout that large,” reflected Maguire. Three senior football players–Keegan Sullivan, Henry Gates, and Billy Bernier–agreed that the turnout for the first game was exceptional. Senior captain Keegan Sullivan encourages everyone to continue their involvement with the games and adds that “the fan section really helps our performance.” Bernier and Gates also love to see their friends and family in the stands and hear their chants.  

Besides the spectacular turnout, Sullivan, Bernier, and Gates explained the intense work they did to prepare for the game. Sullivan said the team started preparing in August and worked extremely hard to make this season amazing. Gates and Bernier mentioned how the players put in extra time outside of practice lifting and working on their performance. 

It is clear all of their bonding has paid off: their outside-of-school hangouts and team dinners have enhanced the community aspect of the team. Bernier, Sullivan, and Gates were excited and nervous for their first appearance in front of the school and Scituate community, but in the end, all their hard work paid off.  

It was such a rewarding moment for them all to celebrate their first game of the year with a win, with all the students chanting, “and the sailors got the win–” their personalized rendition to the popular song Just a Friend, by Biz Markie.

Scott Paine, the new athletic director for Scituate High School, agreed the game was fantastic. The only issue Paine had to address was students crowding onto the field after the game. He said, “This cannot happen because of a really bad situation in Duxbury.” At the end of the Duxbury game, there was an incident where students from Duxbury bombarded onto the field and were pushing and shoving Scituate players, which is unacceptable, and although students from Scituate were only trying to celebrate with the players, precautions must be taken to assure safety for all players. 

Paine wants to encourage all students to show that energy and passion toward other school sports and hopes to see similar crowds at upcoming events.

This year, SHS students do not need to pay to get into the games; however, they are required to show their SHS student ID. Paine wants to encourage students to attend every game, as he is rooting for huge crowds and lots and lots of enthusiasm. 

SHS Principal Lisa Maguire noted how wonderful the turnout was, understanding it can be very motivating to the cheerleaders and players watching their friends cheer them on. In agreement with Paine, Maguire said this is the type of energy Scituate needs at other sporting events–not just football. With new accommodations for outdoor seating, it is crucial that Scituate fans support all student-athletes. Maguire hopes the impressive energy continues for future games and other events.

Here’s a gentle reminder to pick up trash, be respectful to the other team, and wait to go onto the field after all players have exited–but don’t forget–go Sailors!