Class of 2022 Superlatives

Jada Thielen and Ella Ward

The interesting events that contributed to the character growth of the Senior Class of 2022 have called for the need to embrace even more superlatives. 

As the SHS yearbook has done the work to find the class clowns and the biggest flirts, investigative journalists on The Scituation have sought out a new task: remembering more traits the Class of 2022 possessed. From those who have put in the effort every morning in order to create the most interesting outfits to those with high ambitions expected to complete their goals, we have answered many students’ unique questions.

For best dressed: Joe Secaur

Biggest bromance: Connor Henderson & JJ Adams

Biggest womance: Sam Roman and Sydney Washburn

Biggest townie: Jill Connor

Best date to bring home to your parents: Hayley McCarthy

Best vehicle: Patrick Sullivan

Most likely to fall off the grid: Grace Kane

Most likely to become president: Josh DeMontigny

Most likely to become a millionaire: Bella Biondi

Most likely to become internet famous: James Nelson

Most gullible: Jason Frankel