People and Their Pets during Quarantine

Jada Thielen, Staff Writer

When humans fall into a self-isolation pattern, spending time with animals can be helpful. Many people felt this way when the nation was first introduced to “quarantining” and “social distancing.” We’ve now adapted these into our daily lives, but it can still be challenging to deal with a limited sense of normalcy. The connection between a person and their pet may be so great because animals have simply nothing to complain about. Families staying at home is the best thing that has ever happened to them, yet they are unaware of why everyone else is acting so paranoid.
An iconic Scituate dog, Dakota Daniels, the three-legged lab, helped boost her owners’ serotonin during the months of quarantine. SHS junior Jess Daniels said she never got sick of her dog, whom she calls “Tripod.” Jess was enthusiastic about seeing her dog and spending time with her since there were not many people to spend time with. She also explained, “Family gets boring–at least animals don’t have to talk.” Daniels believes she is one of Dakota’s most favored family members since she spends so much time with her. In fact, Dakota cries when she sees Daniels leave the house.
More active dogs have encouraged their owners to get outside their homes during the long weeks of quarantine we experienced in the spring. Junior Delaney Sandner and her rescue dog, Bodhi, would escape the chaotic world by feeling the sun and the fresh air outside. Owners spoiled their dogs during quarantine, including Bodhi and Dakota, who received more attention than usual. Animals have helped keep their owners sane, and owners have spoiled their animals, too.