Senior Week Excursions Spark Student Excitement

SHS laughs are predicted to be heard off-campus with a hilarious and exciting field trip for the Scituate High School senior class. With their last year at SHS, senior students are eager to solidify their sport on the Laugh Boston trip, as there are 200 tickets for seniors. The trip will entail a train ride to the city, attending the Laugh Boston show accompanied by peers, followed by free time for seniors to branch off with their friends and enjoy lunch, shopping, and sight-seeing in Boston. While this is an ongoing tradition, the school has been unable to host the show in recent years due to Covid. 

Bridget Nicolo, Class Secretary, was excited to share details about the upcoming event: “It has been a tradition during senior week for the students to see a comedy show in Laugh Boston,” says Nicolo. Though the details are still obtuse, more concrete details are sure to be released as the date approaches. “For now, the show will begin around 11 AM, so the class will travel via train in the morning and see the show in the Seaport. Afterward, everyone can disperse and grab lunch, and return for the train ride home,” shared Nicolo.  She believes the act is somewhat crowd and improv-based, meaning the show will be interactive and working off of crowd reactions. “I think everyone should go,” Nicolo says, “it will be really fun for all of us and the seniors have been going for years.”

Tickets are unavailable as of now because the student government is “looking for a way to cover everyone’s ticket prices” through negotiation. However, Nicolo urges people to be vigilant for postings and updates over announcements and social media about the event. She expects “distribution to be settled after Prom tickets are sold and they will be first come first serve.” While there aren’t enough seats for the entire senior class, Nicolo says, “If you are proactive about your tickets, then there will be nothing to worry about!” 

The general reception from the senior class has been positive. While few know the details, the idea is appealing. “Yes, Laugh Boston, I’ve heard about that,” says senior Linsday Donovan. She’s never been to a comedy show, but thinks “it sounds cool,” and will “definitely attend if my friends do as well.” This ideology is felt by many of the seniors; the comedy is entertaining, but the main draw is going as a class. Donovan is somewhat apprehensive about the content itself, commenting, “It could be hit or miss though because if it has to be school appropriate, it might not be funny.” Despite this, she is still optimistic about the trip and is eager to buy a seat: “I’m looking forward to Laugh. I feel like it’ll be funny to laugh with your friends, even if the content isn’t that funny. It’ll be fun to walk around Boston with our grade.”

SHS senior Ava Brooks expressed her curiosity about traveling into the city for some laughs. Similar to many other seniors, Brooks has never been to a comedy show but is open to the experience with the company of her peers. As the show falls on the first week of June, it will conflict with seniors’ days off.  Brooks said, “I didn’t realize it wasn’t during a school day, but I will probably still go. It’s a nice way to see everyone another time before college.” Although this day occurs during the senior break, seniors still are intrigued to reconvene with their classmates on their days off. Brooks adds, “I’m very excited for this senior spring and all the activities, especially the comedy show.” 

Overall, positivity has radiated throughout the class with nervous excitement in anticipation of the activities during Senior Week. Although many seniors are sad to close their high school experience, excursions like Laugh Boston allow seniors time to reflect on their past four years with community and celebration.