Welcome to SHS, Ms. Rocha!


Ms. Rocha

Jada Thielen, Staff Writer

New to Scituate, Kate Rocha is eager to welcome freshmen into her English classroom. Prior to her new career, Rocha was a classroom aide in Dedham, providing one-on-one support for students. She is pleased to be a part of the Scituate community and has been welcomed by the freshman crew with open arms. 

Rocha wants to encourage her students to learn more about literature and themselves. As a freshman teacher, Rocha understands the changes her students are going through–new friends, new school, and new routines. Being a new face herself, Rocha is prepared to make this change easier for the freshmen. Rocha’s goal is to create an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and communicating how they want to present themselves. She wants her students to understand the importance of learning about English and literature, as well as connecting this curriculum to their personal lives.

Outside of the classroom, Rocha enjoys the arts. She loves knitting, embroidery, and music. Her 11 years as a camp counselor at a music and crafts camp proves her passion for artistic extracurriculars. As a Dedham resident, Rocha is excited to explore Scituate and the powerful sense of community it embodies. Rocha is an excellent addition to the Scituate faculty and will spread positivity and creativity to SHS!