Sweet Harmonies Showcases SHS Students’ Musical Talent


Sweet Harmonies performed at The Tinker’s Son in December

Annika McCanne, Opinion Editor

Scituate High School seniors Maggie Murray, Caitlin Bruscino, and Cooper Prophet are changing the South Shore music scene with their band, Sweet Harmonies. They have performed at several local open mic nights, starting at The Rivershed in Scituate and expanding from there. Murray cited these early gigs as an excellent way to make friends with others who shared their musical interests and a method to boost their influence. Eventually, their stardom grew, and they began booking gigs at various venues, including Galley Kitchen and Bar in Scituate, The Tinker’s Son in Norwell, the Plymouth Public House, and the Sand Castle Lounge, also located in Plymouth. 

Bob Bruscino, Catilin’s father, accompanies the group with his guitar and vocals. In addition to his background in the Cleveland Clydes–his boy band in high school–the Bruscino pair have sung together for as long as Caitlin can remember. The group began when Maggie joined them one day and Sweet Harmonies has only expanded from there.

Prophet’s drumming gained attention after an exciting performance at this year’s SHS “This is Our House” assembly. This school-wide event highlighted Prophet’s long musical career with the SPS music program and beyond. When Bruscino and Murray realized they needed someone to play the Cajon, a box-shaped percussion instrument, Prophet happily volunteered and has been playing with them since. 

Bruscino and Murray also boast extensive musical backgrounds, singing in chorus since middle school and starring in SHS theater productions. They’ve both performed the National Anthem at various games and performed for several SHORE events. In the future, Murray is looking to major in music education, and Bruscino is planning to major in either music education or performance. 

Bruscino, Murray, and Prophet all agreed that playing at The Tinker’s Son was their favorite experience due to its lively vibes and enthusiastic crowd. During their recent performance in December, several SHS teachers enjoyed at night out with their friends while listening to Sweet Harmonies perform. The band is excited for the new year and the opportunities to gain even more musical experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sweet Harmonies, follow their Instagram @sweetharmonytunes and check out their next gig at the Tinker’s Son from 8:00-11:00 PM on Saturday, February 4th!