Future of Scituate Girls Hockey Looks More Promising


Sarah Spires and Grace McNamara

The SHS athletics department recently announced the girls’ hockey team is merging with Norwell and Abington beginning in the 2023-24 season. Norwell and Abington combined last year and have been playing together for one season. 

The Scituate girls’ hockey program has noticed a decline in players in recent years. This year, there were very few participating juniors, and the program only had enough players to fill one team. Eighth graders have been playing on the Scituate girls’ varsity team to ensure Scituate girls’ hockey doesn’t become extinct. Coaches Thompson and Lovering have decided to step down and will not return as head coaches next winter. The three-way merge of Scituate, Norwell, and Abington will be extremely beneficial for all three programs since there will be an increase in players and a promised coach for next year. In addition, youth players from Norwell and Scituate have been playing and building friendships since elementary school. With this team chemistry, the merger may bring many successful seasons.

SHS varsity hockey captain Kiera Modder commented, “Combining teams is good because it will keep the girls’ hockey team sustainable in the future.” Due to the addition of high school players, 8th graders will no longer be eligible to participate on the varsity team. Although this opportunity ends for 8th-grade students, Modder said, “It’s difficult because 8th graders may be ready for high school play although they are not committed.” Many 8th graders have been participating on other Varsity teams at SHS–a huge opportunity for younger athletes to develop their game further. In addition, Varsity Captain Bridget Thompson agreed the team would be successful since Norwell and Scituate have played together since their youth. However, she recognizes “it will be difficult because Abington is so far away.”

Sophomore Trinity Rothwell will continue playing on the girls’ hockey team next year. Rothwell said, “This definitely needed to happen. Although, it will be challenging at first because all captains will be pre-decided from Norwell.” Rothwell also said the club hockey program, the Seahawks, will play a key role in Scituate’s next season, as it consists of Norwell, Scituate, and Hull. Scituate and Norwell Seahawks players have already built relationships and understand each other’s skills and abilities.

New team jerseys sporting the colors of all three high schools will be designed this summer.