A Heartfelt Goodbye to Mrs. Bergeron



Caitlin Bergeron

Annika McCanne, Staff Writer

For six years, SHS English teacher Caitlin Bergeron has been one of the brightest smiles greeting incoming freshmen. Known for her endless positivity, kindness, and patience, Bergeron helped guide the freshmen crew model at SHS. A graduate of Boston College and Boston University, where she earned a master’s degree in special education, Bergeron knew she wanted to be a teacher even as an undergraduate.

After Bergeron’s husband was offered a new job in Greenwich, Connecticut, she decided to relocate and teach English at Darien High School in Darien, Connecticut. Bergeron is thrilled to be “back in the classroom” following her year as the English department chair. Bergeron confessed she “missed teaching terribly” and looks forward to returning to a hands-on teaching environment. 

When asked what she would miss the most about SHS, Bergeron quickly responded, “The people.” She said the students and teachers at SHS create a positive atmosphere, and “having supportive people around you makes everything better.” She is grateful that everyone in the community has been there for her for the past few years as much as she “hoped to be there for them.”  

Bergeron’s students appreciated her ability to ease their transition from middle school and guide them through their first year of high school English. Junior Jack Tarsala said, “Dealing with the confusion of entering high school, plus the weird hybrid year, it was nice having a teacher who could explain the process well and help me get into good high school habits.” 

Bergeron’s final advice to graduating seniors is to remind everyone that whenever you have a choice, “be kind.” She remains hopeful for the future, adding the “world just needs a little more kindness.”