Hallway Passing Time Music is Back!


Grace McNamara and Brenna Donovan

Music playing during passing time is a beloved tradition at Scituate High School. It has been a source of positive energy and fosters punctuality. Students enjoy the friendly reminder to get to their next class.

Before the school year began, the sound system broke, leaving the halls quiet and teachers and students perplexed about when class truly began. On Monday, January 9, however, the sound system was fixed and the music returned. Once again, students were delighted to hear their favorite tunes being played in between classes.

The majority of high school students appreciate the music returning because it adds “a pep in their step” and helps them remember to get to class on time. Sophomore Clara Adams is a big fan of the music returning. She remarked, “I love it so much. The music helps me get to class earlier because as soon as I hear the music I know I have to get going.”   

Senior Ellie Collins claimed, “It makes the day much better.” However, she would love to hear more upbeat and energetic music. “It would be nice to hear Beyoncé or SZA in between classes,” stated senior Lucy Finkle, agreeing with Collins.

Another senior, Charlotte Wiggs, said she is “definitely glad it’s back.” It is pleasant to hear the music in between classes, and she wishes it would continue to play for passing times between each period. She prefers older classics rather than pop music.

While most students have embraced the returning tradition, some students dislike how the music enforces timely attendance. Senior Sarah Spires stated, “I’m happy the music is back, but teachers are getting stricter about being on time for class, and the switching period feels shorter.”

If you have any song requests or recommendations for the school year, please make sure to reach out to Assistant Principal Karen Hughes through her email address: [email protected].