Check Out the New Showcase Theater in Hanover


Jordan Gardner, Staff Writer

The closing of Scituate’s movie theater left a gaping hole in our community. Moviegoers had the choice to drive to the Hingham Shipyard or to Braintree–both locations being too far to bother most of the time. On top of paying for tickets and snacks, your bank account will take another blow just by the gas it takes to get there. 

But a solution reveals itself! 

Showcase Cinema de Lux Hanover Crossing is now open! This new and impressive theater is something that moviegoers have never seen before. It offers eight auditoriums, including an XPlus cinema with laser projection, immersive sound, power recliners, and a giant screen.

I went twice before the grand opening, which was incredibly impressive. The experience offers so much more than just watching a movie. The seats are leather, reclinable, and spaced apart, giving enough space for you and your fellow moviegoers to spread out comfortably. The sound system is not only pristine and immersive, but it moves the audio around you coordinated with the movie’s movement. The experience of the new showcase theater is something novel and exciting for us to enjoy. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to old and worn-down movie theaters of the past. 

Showcase theaters also offer main concessions, snacks, meals, and a lobby bar. 

As of December 19th, they are playing Avatar: The Way of Water, a long-awaited, stunningly beautiful sequel to the original Avatar movie, Violent Night, starring Stranger Things star, David Harbour, Disney’s Strange World, an exciting animated adventure, and the latest installation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.  

The new Showcase Theater in Hanover has something to offer everyone, so why not try it out for yourself?