What Your Class Presidents Have in Store for This Year

Ainsley Hayes and Valentine McNeilly

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty. Covid-19–the virus that flipped everyone’s life upside down–is leaving the entire SHS student body curious as to what this school year will look like in regards to class events, especially some of the traditional events that were canceled during the lockdown last spring. Here lie the answers we’ve all been waiting for, as each class president is sharing the inside scoop: the 411 on dances, fundraisers, and what the 2020-2021 school year has in store for us. 

Newly-elected freshman class president, Brooke McCarthy, is coming into this position with a fresh perspective and a plethora of ideas to make the class of 2024’s next four years as successful as possible–even though the class is kicking off their high school career in the midst of a pandemic. McCarthy feels very honored to have been elected to this position by her peers and hopes to be able to guide them through this strange year, along with the help of the other freshmen officers–Maeve Smith as Vice President, Callie Loeffel as Treasurer, and Tessa Norton as Secretary–as well as the 12 student representatives from each homeroom. The four elected officers are currently working hard on creating class merchandise for freshmen, and coming up with effective ways to fundraise while staying within Covid guidelines for future class events.

“Of course the pandemic makes the process of creating ideas and organizing fundraisers a lot harder, but I am willing to work around it for the safety of my classmates,” says President McCarthy. She has been dedicated to the demanding position of the class president while also adjusting to a new high school as a freshman. She thanks the teachers and students in SHS for being so welcoming and easing the stress of the transition to high school, and she is looking forward to making this year “as enjoyable as possible” for the entire freshman class.

Victor Bowker, returning president of the class of 2023, is excited to be working with the other officers and Dr. Maguire to make their sophomore year as great as possible. Even though the unprecedented events that occurred last spring resulted in many cancellations, the officers of the sophomore class are already brainstorming new ways to make the most out of this year. Being an out-of-the-box thinker, Bowker has never wanted to do the typical car wash as a method of fundraising. According to Bowker, he and his team are “working hard to come up with fundraising ideas that would actually engage people while also bringing in some much-needed funds.” 

Currently, there is a plan in the works for a scavenger hunt event through Scituate Harbor. With hopes of promoting inclusivity, they plan to have the whole school participate and maybe even the middle school as well. They thought this idea would work with the Covid guidelines of social distancing and allow people to get some exercise, too, as they work to win a prize for completing the scavenger hunt. Bowker and the sophomore student government are also planning a class event for the spring (if guidelines allow), and they are even thinking ahead to junior prom.

Elected for the third year in a row, Junior Class President Celia Rees is incredibly honored to continue representing the class of 2022. Rees said role she finds this role incredibly inspiring, and she does not take for granted the amazing relationship she has created with her fellow officers and class representatives. When asked about the dynamics of student government, Rees explained, “They are the best group of people I could ever ask for… The reps, the officers, and our facilitators are really what has made our student government so successful, bold, and creative in our actions. Together, we are able to achieve the most full agenda and I am always impressed by how much we can do when we come together.”

Due to the hard-working officers and representatives’ efforts in fundraising over the last few years, the class of 2022’s government is financially stable, easing the stress that normally would be high for junior year student government officers as a result of needing to fund junior prom. Although she is not sure how prom or any other class events will play out due to the pandemic, Rees still has high hopes of making this year the best yet: she plans to sell more class apparel, make even more progress with fundraising, and host outdoor class events–all while following Covid guidelines. Rees remarked, “I really love the club so much–I’m convinced that because of everyone who supports student government, we’re going to make it through this year together.”

With Grace Scott as the class president, SHS seniors have a lot to look forward to this year. Scott said she is determined to make her classmates’ last year at SHS one to remember. Being essentially responsible for an entire grade can undoubtedly be stressful at times, and doing so in the midst of a global pandemic certainly won’t make it any easier. Scott is prepared and thrilled to start thinking of new ways to enjoy the year, especially after all of the cancellations last spring that most directly affected the senior class.

Vice President Jack Wilcox, Treasurer Sadie Danehey, and Secretary Cleo Belber are just the right team to do the job. Scott and the officers have been coming up with creative ideas that are Covid-friendly, as the administration is strict with safety guidelines. Scott said, “One thing [they] are able to do is make and sell [their] Senior class T-shirt which [they] are all super excited about.” Since their prom, now scheduled for March, is already paid for, Scott’s prior concern for financial stability, has turned into making this year the best possible.

The Class of 2021’s student government recently handed out congratulation notes and lollipops to all the seniors for finishing quarter 1 and meeting college application deadlines. They are also highlighting a “Senior of The week” on their class Instagram page, where people can nominate their classmates to be senior of the week, and winners will receive a spotlight on the Instagram page and a candy bar. Students’ favorite SHS memories will be featured on Instagram every week to be reminded of all the memories that have happened during their high school career. According to Scott, “The beginning of senior year is extremely stressful, and [they’re] hoping little things like this will make everyone’s time a little bit better!” 

In terms of class events, Scott is planning on having the usual senior week as long as Covid guidelines allow. The unofficial tradition of Senior Assassin is still obtainable as of now, as it can be done following social distancing regulations. For graduation, Scott is advocating to try and get a class-elected speaker, as SHS has had them in the past, and she knows that it is something her class would like to see happen.