Ainsley Hayes

Ainsley Hayes, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Entering her second year on The Scituation as a Co-Editor-in-Chief, senior Ainsley Hayes (she/her) is bringing bounds of passion and enthusiasm to her role. Hoping to foster a new sense of excitement in the staff writers this year, Hayes' genuine skill and devotion to writing and English courses suit her well as a leader on The Scituation, as does her kind character and welcoming demeanor. This, in addition to being inducted into the National Honors and World Language Honors Societies, as well as a member of numerous clubs in the High School, contributes to her well-roundedness as both a student and a person.

Hayes demonstrates immense success in the elements of writing and English, yet she also finds great interest and satisfaction in dance and photography, hoping to include elements of these in her future endeavors. Having traveled nationwide to further pursue her passion in dance, the art form has been a constant source of drive through the entirety of her life. When she is not devoting her time to these areas of talent, she is hard at work with her jobs at Coffee Corner and Restaurant Oro in Scituate, as well as teaching dance at her home studio. 

While she has grown up in the small, coastal town of Scituate, Ainsley’s heart belongs to the city, specifically in New York City, where she aspires to attend college or pursue a career after having visited multiple times for personal travel and dance competitions. Without a doubt, wherever her future takes her, success will inevitably follow. The Scituation wishes Ainsley a very warm welcome back to team, and a toast to her success as a Co-Editor-in-Chief!

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Ainsley Hayes