How Early Is “Too” Early To Start Celebrating The Holidays?

Ainsley Hayes, Staff Writer

As the leaves begin to change color and the air becomes crisp, the question of when to begin celebrating everybody’s favorite time of year is circulating in the atmosphere. This topic tends to stir up quite a controversy as people fight whether the conclusion of Halloween kicks off the Christmas season, or if it’s better to wait till after Thanksgiving. So, how early is “too” early to start up the holiday festivities? Let’s find out what members of the Scituate High School student body have to say.

In a poll conducted with 50 randomly selected Scituate High School students, it was found that around half of the people don’t begin celebrating the holiday season until after Thanksgiving. 

The reasons behind waiting till after November 26th differ; however, some thought the “best way to celebrate is to enjoy Thanksgiving and then move on to Christmas time the day after–that way you get the best of both worlds.” Others “listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving sometimes, but don’t put decorations up or truly get into the Christmas mood until the day after Thanksgiving,” said two anonymous SHS students who took part in the survey. 

I, personally, do not have any problem with people wanting to kick into the holiday spirit as early as possible. However, I do find that waiting until after Thanksgiving to really get excited for the best day of the year allows for a more enjoyable month of December, as I am not putting myself through listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” for the 100th time on the radio before the month even starts. Many have opposing opinions, however, with one student anonymously saying, “I celebrate Christmas in September. Literally the second it gets cold, the tunes go on,” with many others agreeing. 

So what’s the final verdict? It’s a personal preference! Although it may upset some people, when you choose to cover your house in Christmas lights and garland is completely up to you. So let the festivities begin–or not–the choice is yours!