Stamped By Tatum: A Small Business with a Big Impact


Ainsley Hayes, Staff Writer

The outbreak of COVID-19 has taken a toll on many people, industries, and organizations around the world. This has resulted in especially difficult times for many of our local businesses, which are extremely vital and unique to our individual communities. While it’s easy to feel powerless in a time like this, giving back to our community by supporting these local small businesses is a great way to take steps in the right direction–not only economically, but ecologically as well. While the need to help the independently-run businesses within our community is most immediately obvious, the benefits of shopping small extend beyond times of crisis. 

Created by Scituate High School freshman Tatum Hayes, “Stamped By Tatum” joins the list of growing small businesses to look out for within our local coastal community. Naturally gifted with all things artistic, Hayes had a feeling jewelry-making would be right up her alley. Her passion for creating also led her to believe this would be something she could be successful in doing, and she was certainly correct. It is safe to say that Hayes’ brand has nothing but an uphill trajectory from here.

First established in January of 2021, Hayes had no greater intentions than just to try out an idea first brought to her attention through the app Tik Tok. “I saw a video of someone making rings and thought it might be something I would like to try,” Hayes said when asked what inspired her to start her endeavors. The business focuses on the creation of customizable stamped rings made personal for the customer. As of right now, Hayes offers a variety of stamps that continues to grow alongside the business, such as letters, numbers, symbols, zodiac signs, and more.

Hayes said she is “honestly very shocked by the initial reaction” that the brand has started to receive, gaining more than 250 Instagram followers over the course of one month on the account, @stampedbytatum. Hayes added, “The more people shared with their friends and family, the more orders I started to receive, and I was just excited to get started!” This domino effect has led to more than 60 orders in the first month of business, with no indication of the success stopping anytime soon. 

The 14-year-old entrepreneur is continuing to learn as she goes, as she admits she is “still new to the whole business aspect of it all.” One of her top priorities when starting the brand was to keep the rings affordable but still high quality, as she acknowledges the struggle so many teenagers go through when trying to find inexpensive jewelry that is appealing and long-lasting. Each ring is delicately crafted with love and care that corporate businesses cannot compete with–another reason to shop small. And at only $10 apiece, these custom rings seem to check all of the boxes–and then some. 

According to Hayes, running a small business requires creativity, which comes with the customization aspect of the rings. “I am always very intrigued to see what my customers will request, and they always seem to inspire me with new ideas for what I could create in the future,” she added. 

Hayes hopes to keep this positive momentum going, with plans of expanding her stamp and color collection while continuing to grow her consumer group. She has aspirations to continue building a name for herself outside of the Scituate community and expand the “Stamped By Tatum” brand as much as possible through social media and word-of-mouth advertising. Hayes said, “I’m very excited to see where this account will take me and what the future holds for Stamped by Tatum.” 

For more information and to keep up with the growing business, follow @stampedbytatum on Instagram and Tik Tok, and purchase through the link in bio.