Breakfast Battle on Front Street

Grace Dousa and Anna Kruggel

Choosing where to get breakfast in Scituate Harbor can be a difficult decision between two popular locations: Lucky Finn Cafe and Coffee Corner. Both coffee spots are on Front Street, and each place has its own atmosphere and benefits. 

Located across from the lobstermen’s dock, Coffee Corner never disappoints. Whether you order a breakfast sandwich or a bagel with cream cheese, the food is always delicious. Their coffee isn’t as memorable, but it’s still tasty. The environment is much different than Lucky Finn’s–there isn’t much seating–it’s more of a quick grab-and-go. Depending on your time frame, this can be helpful. 

SHS junior Abby Norris, who is employed at Coffee Corner, recommends their breakfast sandwich–especially since the bagels come from local bakers. According to Norris, working at Coffee Corner also has many benefits: “I’m able to be out by 2:00 PM at the latest and have the rest of the day to enjoy myself.” As a high schooler, Norris enjoys working there because it provides a “good opportunity to expand your social skills.” Her earliest shift is at 4:30 AM. Norris wishes she knew how busy it would get at times before she applied for the job, but now she loves it because she gets great tips and enjoys managing many orders. 

Though Coffee Corner is a hotspot in Scituate, there is some major competition down the street at Lucky Finn Cafe. Lucky Finn has beautiful back deck seating that overlooks Scituate Harbor, along with a few tables inside. Although it is on the smaller side, Lucky Finn has a lot of character and local New England charm. The menu has a variety of everything: coffee, scones, bagels, sandwiches, and even an acai bowl. The prices may be a little on the pricey side, but Lucky Finn never disappoints.

Senior Hannah Gillis loves working at Lucky Finn for many reasons, one being that she can “work with friends.” Gillis enjoys the work environment, and although it is a little “tight” at times, she says that they can handle the rushes in the mornings because more people are put on the schedule. Gillis appreciates the freedom that comes along with this job, such as having “good hours and not very long shifts.” Gillis is always done closing before 5:00 PM., so she is able to make plans for the rest of the afternoon. Her favorite item on the menu is either the chocolate chip scone or the pretzel bun, and she recommends trying these items, as they are both “very delicious.”

If you are in need of a delightful breakfast or even a part-time job, check out Lucky Finn Cafe and Coffee Corner. Both locations provide breathtaking views, delicious food, and a welcoming and friendly environment. They’re very unique in their own ways, and you are guaranteed to have a great experience at either location.