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Colin Morley

Colin Morley, Staff Writer

Colin Morley (he/him) is an open-minded, compassionate, and hardworking student at Scituate High School. As a committed writer, Morley completed Introduction to Journalism during his freshman year and continues as a passionate staff writer during his senior year. Morley looks forward to publishing articles in The Scituation this year. He is eager to report important stories and improve his writing skills.

A dedicated academic, Morley's achievements include membership in both the World Language and National Honor Societies. Morley is interested in studying business and finance and looks forward to pursuing similar majors in college.

Outside of school, Morley is captain of the varsity football team, and he aims to commit to a university where athletics and academics are equally valued. He feels bittersweet about his final football season at Scituate; however, Morley is eager to win the Massachusetts Division 4 State Championship again this year, just as the team did in 2021.

In addition to his athletic commitments, Morley is employed as a maintenance worker at the Scituate Harbor Yacht Club. As a dedicated athlete, student, and employee, Morley will undoubtedly thrive as a valued member of The Scituation.

The Scituation staff looks forward to a successful year with a dedicated and passionate writer like Morley on the team.

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