Scituate Field Hockey: Team Building is Key to Success


SHS Senior Captain Anna Kruggel

Colin Morley, Staff Writer

Success is no surprise for the Scituate High School girls’ field hockey team. After dominating with a 13-4-3 record last season, the Sailors won the Patriot League Fisher Division title. Although they took an early exit in the playoffs to a very talented Oliver Ames team, the Sailors finished the season with a winning record.

This year, senior captains Anna Kruggel and Anna Feeney have strong ambitions to keep the success streak alive. Starting out the season with a strong record of 5-2-3, the field hockey team is definitely on track for another Patriot League Fisher Division title.

Both Kruggel and Feeney were key contributors to last year’s success on the offensive side. With an impressive group of returning players and new talent as well, Kruggel and Feeney believe “the team works well together and is great at communicating.” Feeney commented, “The team chemistry works really well. Communication comes easy and it helps us play.”

Positive team chemistry stems from great leadership. As captains of the team, Kruggel and Feeney explained the methods they use to rally the underclassman. Team members take part in a bonding activity known as “Big Sister-Little Sister”: underclassmen are paired up with upperclassman as they participate in activities and get to know each other to strengthen team bonds. 

“It’s a great opportunity for us to include the underclassman and make friendships as a team,” Kruggel explained. “As captains, we know just how important it is to include the underclassman. We remember how it felt as an underclassman, so we try to include them as much as possible.”

Nearly halfway through the regular season, the sailors find themselves on top of the charts. A strong skillset and phenomenal team chemistry have prompted this success. Going forward, the sailors have strong competition; however, Kruggel and Feeney are confident in their team’s ability to win another title.