Jimmy Tolton: A Shot For Life


Colin Morley, Staff Writer

Among the most challenging diseases stands one that can be devastating and heartbreaking: Cancer. Cancer remains one of the top causes of death behind cardiovascular disease, and its impact takes a toll both mentally and physically.

Patients with cancer often suffer in great ways as they try to defeat the disease. Harsh rounds of chemotherapy causing fatigue and weakness can be overwhelming. The constant pain that cancer patients face is unbearable to comprehend by most. However, one organization, A Shot for Life, has set out on a mission to combat this difficulty. 

A Shot For Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for cancer research, intends to raise money through sporting events. SHS senior Jimmy Tolton participated in one of their 24-hour basketball events.

Tolton explained, “A Shot for Life is an organization dedicated to defeating cancer by holding invite-only events for athletes to participate and compete in.”

Tournaments bring together athletes from around the country to compete in a gauntlet of games over the stretch of 24 hours. The long event is supposed to be draining and exhausting to the players in order to simulate the everyday battles of cancer patients. Tolton stated, “I was exhausted, but it was very important to me, as I dedicated that 24 hours to all my loved ones who have had to endure this painful battle.”

Tolton’s family has a long history of battling cancer, including eight of his relatives who have endured various types of the disease. Their painful battle motivated Tolton to participate in A Shot For Life: “It meant a lot to me to be able to endure some of what they go through on a day-to-day basis,” he explained. 

The 2022 event ultimately raised $250,000 to further cancer research with the goal of curing the disease. Tolton worked hard to raise $1,500. 

“I hope to inspire others to support and donate so we can end the battle with cancer once and for all,” Tolton exclaimed. “It’s a terrible disease that no one should have to go through, and organizations like A Shot For Life help bring people together to fight it.”