Coming Soon: Stress Less Laugh More Week!


Sarah Spires, Staff Writer

Stress Less Laugh More Week is right around the corner: Beginning on Monday, April 3rd, SHS adjustment counselor Jennifer Lopes aims to “engage students and faculty in stress-relieving activities during the school day.” She stated, “The goals of ‘Stress Less Laugh More’ include raising awareness of mental wellness, encouraging students and staff to develop and utilize healthy coping strategies, and promoting connectedness.” Specifically, Lopes aims to cultivate a positive atmosphere for learning.

Currently, a group of students is working on creating the Stress Less Laugh More agenda with the Art Club, Be Kind Club, and Bring Change to Mind Club. They plan to place baskets of candy in the bathrooms, write affirmations on the bathroom mirrors, and draw welcoming chalk messages on the sidewalk. 

This mental health awareness week is essential, as Lopes has noticed how social media has affected mental health following the pandemic. Students spent the majority of their time on Zoom during the pandemic and constantly saw their images, projected on a screen. This prompted many to compare themselves to others or people on social media who use filters that promote “non-realistic standards.” Although social media seems impossible to escape, there are ways for society to adjust to this ever-expanding technology. Lopes stresses the importance of “setting boundaries,” as it is easy to become addicted to technology. It is essential to locate other outlets to manage emotions, such as spending time with friends, reading, painting, exercising, or simply taking a break and having a moment to yourself.

At SHS, students have the opportunity to find a community, discover commonalities with others, and utilize supportive resources. Lopes is working with sports teams and the METCO program to encourage and promote mental health awareness during Stress Less Laugh More Week. 

To promote Stress Less Laugh More Week, follow the SHS Art Club, Be Kind Club, and Bring Change to Mind Club. Look out for an email regarding bell songs and movie suggestions throughout the week! If you have any suggestions or questions about Stress Less Laugh More Week, please contact [email protected].