Football Fans Across the Country Pray For Damar Hamlin’s Recovery


Matthew Minich, Staff Writer

On January 2nd, 2022, approximately 10 minutes into the first quarter of the Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals AFC matchup, Bills 2nd-year Safety Damar Hamlin collapsed after making a hard tackle against Bengals’ tight end Tee Higgins. Hamlin had initially stood up from the hard-hit but almost immediately collapsed to the turf. Bills and Bengals’ medical staff quickly rushed to the field to assist Hamlin. 

Hamlin is believed to have suffered cardiac arrest due to a phenomenon called Commoito Cordis. This occurs when blunt trauma is exerted to the chest wall at just the right spot and at just the right time in the cardiac rhythm. Hamlin was treated on the field for over 19 minutes with both an AED and CPR being administered. He was then quickly transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he is currently in critical condition. Bills and Bengals players were seen on the field visibly shaken and praying for their teammate or opponent. 

After Hamlin was taken away, the teams returned to their respective locker rooms. Hamlin collapsed at 8:55 PM EST, and at 10:01 PM, National Football League and commissioner Roger Goodell postponed the game.

The NFL is receiving some criticism from fans over their response to Hamlin’s life-threatening injury. In addition, sports personality Skip Bayless is under fire for his comments on resuming play, seemingly insensitive as he focused on the game’s repercussions.  

There has been an outpouring of support from the entire sports community, with major figures across all leagues sending their thoughts and prayers to Hamlin, his family, and the Bills.

In addition to prayers, fans and athletes have been donating to a Go fund Me page that Hamlin created to support underprivileged youth in his hometown. His goal was $2,500, and currently, over $7,600,000 has been donated to the cause. 

Let’s join the sporting community in wishing Damar Hamlin a quick and full recovery.