Spring has sprung, but what songs should be sung?


Ellie Snow, Staff Writer

Winter is finally over, and with its welcomed end, there lies a wonderful opportunity for all the music lovers of the world: The time has come for spring playlists. The dreary songs of colder weather can finally be put to rest for a while as the ethereal tunes of the warmer climate return to our musical repertoire. Though this is exciting news for the song-loving community, it nonetheless brings up its fair share of concerns: What new releases have been overlooked this past year? Have any reliable classics grown to be overplayed and outdated? These fears, justifiable as they may be, can hopefully be easily solved with the following guidance.
Step 1: The Picnic Melody
One of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing moments of springtime is the delicate picnic. The appeal of an outdoor luncheon with friends and family alone warrants its own solidified soft in the primavera playlist. The picnic song must represent the comradery of basking in the sunshine with loved ones, carrying the carefree energy of an eighteenth-century lunch.
My suggestion to break out when in want of or partaking in a picturesque picnic would be ABBA’s “Chiquitita.”
Step 2: School Stressor Songs
Though the idea of spring represents an environment free from problems, its reality is less of a fairy tale. As the temperatures get warmer, the heat of school stress seems to increase as well. Whether it’s AP exams, SATs, or just school work in general, it seems the third and fourth quarters are undoubtedly the most arduous. With this in mind, it’s fitting a tune should be devoted to outlasting this time of year. The song for the schooling side to spring must embody the motivational and persistent aura to serve as the antidote for academia’s mental toll.
My suggestion to pull us through the remainder of the school year would be fun.’s “Carry On.”
Step 3: Rainy Day Tunes
Yes, the happiness of the spring months depends heavily on the warmer weather, but the saying “April showers bring May flowers” characterizes the other aspect of spring, the rainy days. The showery season carries with it its own emotions, as calm and contemplative mindsets will consume one’s disposition. The picturesque quality of the damper days creates its own slot on the springtide selection. This song must be able to transfer the tranquil vibes of pleasant rainfall. Its sound must mimic the essence of raindrops tapping against one’s window as you enter a contemplative state of being.
My suggestion for the perfect tune to accompany you along your rainy spring day is Lady Gaga’s “Joanne.”
Step 4: Yearning for Summer Jams
Though the season of rebirth and blossoming has grown increasingly favorable these past few years in my tier-ratings of the seasons, I still cannot deny that part of the freedom and joy of springtime is the anticipation of what is to come: Summer! In the summertime, one feels free of responsibility and burden. Temperatures and spirits alike run high. In the season prior to, a giddy sense of expectation engulfs one’s attitude. A song to accompany this excitement would amplify positive emotions to synthesize a wonderful harmony of exhilaration for the future and contentment in the present. To do so, one must only think about their individual pleasures of summer, whether that may be traveling, hiking, going to the beach, etc.
My suggestion to emphasize the spirit of summertime bliss is Marc Anthony’s “I Need to Know.”
Though individual playlists will carry with them their personalized touch, I hope this grants you some guidance in cultivating your song selection for the spring season. The warmer weather is upon us, and after the adverse year we’ve been subjected to, a perfect playlist is well deserved!