Emma Huggins
Senior Emma Huggins is looking forward to taking on her second year as a writer for The Scituation. Anyone who knows Emma personally would say she is extremely empathetic and caring, two qualities that are clear in her writing. She is going into this difficult school year with a positive attitude, hoping for a strong finish to her high school career. 

Many of Emma’s academic and extra-curricular interests involve her love for writing and specifically focus on the arts and humanities. Outside of school, Emma is a very passionate activist. She is a part of Black Lives Matter Scituate, Sunrise Movement Boston, and is an ambassador for the National Eating Disorder Association. 

Both in and out of school, Emma demonstrates her amazing leadership qualities by being exceedingly involved in several clubs at SHS. She is the co-president of Allies Not Bystanders, the founder and co-president of Film Club, the Publicity Officer for Amnesty International, and a member of the Real Talk Race Issues Club. 

As Emma is a returning member of The Scituation, she has written several different types of articles with topics ranging from sports features to cultural humility. Emma also applies her writing skills to her passion for filmmaking. This year, Emma is looking forward to her Literature to Film class. After high school, Emma would like to study filmmaking and journalism, hoping to use those skills to go into the documentary and broadcast journalism field. This year for The Scituation, Emma is excited to become a strong member of the Video Team, in addition to exploring new areas of journalism during these unprecedented times.


Emma Huggins, Video Team

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Emma Huggins