The Midyear Experience: Everything You Need to Know For This Week


Midyear Experience Schedule

Christian Pitten and James Tolton

As the midterms week approaches quickly, this year’s midyear exam schedule may look and sound a little different to SHS students. 

For starters, this year’s midterms are now being called the “Midyear Experience.” According to SHS Assistant Principal Bill Luette, this change is due to many classes “not having a traditional midyear exam.” Instead, many teachers have opted into assigning projects, presentations, or other kinds of assignments. 

The Midyear Experience will officially kick off on Tuesday, January 25th, with scheduled A and B block classes; Wednesday will be for C and D block classes; Thursday will be for E and F block classes, and Friday will be for G block, along with a “makeup” block for those who need to make up an exam or assignment. Makeup experiences are permitted for extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the principal.

Every first block of the day will start at 8:15 a.m. — just like any other day of school; however, all students should get to class on time, as students arriving late must check-in at the main office and may not have the opportunity to take their “experience” as scheduled. From Tuesday to Friday, the first block will be from 8:15-9:45 a.m. Students will then be given a 15 minute passing period to eat a snack in the cafeteria, use the restroom, talk to friends, or get to their next class. The second block of the day will be from 10:05-11:35 a.m. Following the second block class, students will be dismissed to go home. According to Luette, “If school is canceled during experience days, then we will return to the day we missed, unlike the rest of the year. If we have a one or two-hour delay, we will administer the second experience of the day and reschedule the first experience.”

According to Assistant Principal Karen Hughes, all students need to come to school regardless of what class they have, with the sole exception of studies. In this case, any student with a study has the choice of staying home or coming into school to study in the library.  Hughes noted that there is a good chance the gym will be open for students to play basketball or some other activity in between classes or if they don’t have a class scheduled. Lastly, Hughes urges students to utilize their passing period to re-energize themselves by eating a snack in the cafeteria. 

When it comes to grading, the Midyear Experience will be added to quarter 2 grades, unlike years past when midterms were graded as 10% of one’s entire grade, and appeared as a separate column on a student’s report card. It will be up to each teacher to decide the weight of the grade given on experience day. 

For the most part, SHS students are uncertain about this year’s midyear experience. Senior Johnny Kinsley noted that he “hasn’t had a traditional midyear exam since freshman year,” due to the pandemic. Kinsley mentioned that he has “traditional exams in some classes and other project-like assignments in others.” Although Kinsley is uncertain about this year’s midyear experience, he is also excited and optimistic. “I expect things to go very smoothly,” noted Kinsley. “I’m also a big fan of having shorter school days during midyear week. I will definitely take advantage of it,” Kinsley added. 

The Midyear Experience will officially conclude both the first semester and quarter two, with second semester and quarter three classes officially starting on Monday, January 31st.