Lip Dub Designed to Promote School Unity

Video project will bring entire high school together on Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Emily Blanchard, Editor in Chief

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As Thanksgiving Day approaches, students at SHS are not only looking forward to the food-oriented family holiday; they are also excited about creating Scituate High School’s own lip dub–a popular trend that high schools all around the nation have been planning.

Many schools create lip dubs to boost school spirit and create a unifying and fun experience for everyone. A lip dub is meant to be an inclusive, fun event–it is a fast-paced video that focuses on students singing, dancing, and cheering to popular songs throughout the halls of their school. The SHS video will feature eleven songs, starting with the widely-loved song “Baba O’Riley,” by The Who, and ending with the timeless “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” by Marvin Gay and Tammi Terrell. Additional featured songs include “Forever,” by Chris Brown, “Solo Dance,” by Martin Jensen, “Congratulations,” by Post Malone, “Beauty and a Beat,” by Justin Bieber, “Where Is The Love,” by the Black Eyed Peas, “Cooler Than Me,” by Mike Posner, “The Sweet Escape,” by Gwen Stefani, “Despacito,” by Justin Bieber, and “I Feel It Coming,” by the Weeknd.

Aspiring film makers, senior Andrew Connelly and junior Cameron Stone, will be filming the lip dub. They have been leaders in the design of the video. The lip dub will begin off-campus, and it will be filmed on both the first and second floors of the high school.The film crew will make a quick stop in the gym, where students will rally and celebrate, and it will end outside on the turf in an “SHS” formation. The original idea of celebrating school spirit on the Wednesday corresponded perfectly to the overall mood of the school because of the much anticipated Fenway Thanksgiving football game on Wednesday night.

There will be over forty students and teachers performing “solos”–people who guide the camera down the hallway while mouthing the lyrics to the song and dancing. Students will be wearing blue and white or their sports and club shirts and uniforms. Halls will be decorated with blue and white streamers, and students are encouraged to make posters and bring decorations if they want to add a little zeal to the exciting day.

Olivia Coleman, a member of the lip dub committee, stated that her own goal in planning the lip dub was to “increase the positive culture” of SHS and to “celebrate” SHS as one unified family. Coleman credits the committee with planning the lip dub, but she also stated that Principal Wargo was a leader in the process and that the committee could not have done anything without his innovative ideas, guidance, and support. According to senior Mary Kate James, who will be performing a solo in the lip dub, everyone is “super excited” about the project, and many students are “looking forward to the unifying day.”

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Lip Dub Designed to Promote School Unity